Auction Dates - March 2024
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March 2024 Auctions

Northern California Auctions

Don't apologize for being patriotic. Support the troops-Toby Keith  
MAR 4 - MON 10:00 AM Sierra Storage, South 2080 Yosemite Parkway Merced 209-726-8539 $  
11:30 AM Sierra Storage, North 2785 N Santa Fe Avenue Merced 209-722-8631 $  
1:30 PM Sierra Storage 1736 Herndon Road Ceres 209-537-4310 $  
3:00 PM Modesto Mini Storage 2021 Standiford Avenue Modesto 209-529-1513 $  
I ain't as good as I once was, But I'm good once as I ever was-Toby Keith  
Hate me if you want to, love me if you can-Toby Keith  
MAR 5 - TUE 10:00 AM Berkeley Self Storage 2235 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley 510-843-1400   
10:45 AM Golden Bear Storage Center 1650 6th Street Berkeley 510-524-8484 #  
12:00 PM San Pablo Mini Storage 5310 Riverside Avenue San Pablo 510-235-1811  
1:30 PM Community Mini Storage  46 Industrial Way Greenbrae 415-924-3660  
There's some nights I can't remember with friends I can't forget-Toby Keith  
My mind is cautious but my heart is in a hurry-Toby Keith  
MAR 7 - THUR 9:30 AM Bridgehead Self Storage 1651 Drive-In Avenue Antioch 925-753-1199  
11:00 AM Live Oak Storage 1315 Main Street Oakley  925-625-8488  
11:45 AM Delta Storage 1241 Main Street Suite A Oakley 925-754-7011  
12:30 PM Fort Knox Self Storage 3865 Railroad Avenue Pittsburg 925-439-1145  
2:00 PM San Ramon Valley Self Storage 1911 San Ramon Valley  San Ramon 925-855-1110  
Don't compromise even if it hurts to be yourself-Toby Keith  
I sobered up and I got to thinking, girl, you ain't much fun since I quit drinking-Toby Keith  
MAR 8 - FRI 9:00 AM Casey Self Storage 300 Commerce Avenue Atwater 209-356-3720 $  
10:15 AM Master Storage 1325 Paulson Road Turlock 209-667-8982 $  
11:15 AM Central Valley Self Storage 1033 Montana Avenue Turlock 209-656-1008 $  
12:30 PM Budget Self Storage  3080 N Golden State Blvd Turlock 209-667-4949 $  
2:00 PM Storage Star Modesto 1522 Crows Landing Rd Modesto 209-538-3212 $  
2:45 PM Storage Star Modesto 1601 Jim Way Modesto 209-538-3212 $  
4:00 PM Storage Star Downtown Modesto 1305 10th Street Modesto 424-744-3193 $  
My daddy served in the army where he lost his right eye, but he flew a flag out in our yard until the day that he died.   
He wanted my mother, my brother, my sister and me, to grow up and live happy in the land of the free-Toby Keith  
MAR 12 - TUE 11:00 AM American Canyon Mini Storage & RV 3700 Broadway Street American Canyon 707-642-7437  
12:00 PM Almond Tree Storage 725 Railroad Avenue Suisun City 707-425-4520 $  
12:45 PM Willie's Truck Parts & Storage 3002 Rockville Road Fairfield 707-249-9650 $  
My mom taught us the Serenity Prayer at a young age-Toby Keith  
I say if you're going to take a chance on something, you just go full balls to the wall-Toby Keith  
MAR 13 - WED 10:00 AM Storage Star Folsom 600 Nesmith Court Folsom 916-984-1000 $  
11:30 AM Storage Star East Sac 3301 S Street Sacramento 916 451-0101 $  
12:15 PM Longview Drive Self Storage 4203 Industry Drive Sacramento 916-483-2977 $ *  
1:45 PM Storage Star Woodland 35 Matmor Road Woodland 530-661-9300 $  
3:45 PM Storage Star Yuba City 1233 Hunn Road Yuba City 530-671-4000 $  
I have drawn a very close bond to all the military people-Toby Keith  
Justice is the one thing you should always find-Toby Keith  
MAR 14 - THUR 12:00 PM Cal Self Storage 26869 Mission Boulevard Hayward 510-538-1536  
Here's health to your enemies' enemies-Irish Saying  
Men are like bagpipes - no sound comes from them until they are full-Irish Saying  
MAR 15 - FRI 10:00 AM Storage Star Vacaville 170 Bella Vista Road Vacaville 707-451-1499 $  
11:00 AM Storage Star Fairfield 301 Lopes Road Fairfield 707-864-1962 $  
12:00 PM Storage Star Napa 400 Devlin Road Napa 707-224-7001 $  
1:00 PM Storage Star Sonoma 24270 Arnold Drive Sonoma 707-996-3900 $  
A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty-Irish Saying  
May the roof above you never fall in and those gathered beneath it never fall out-Irish Saying  
Always remember that hindsight is the best insight to foresight-Irish Saying  
MAR 17 - SUN Happy St. Patrick's Day  
May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live-Irish Saying  
A little fire that warms is better than a big fire that burns-Irish Saying  
May neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, the angels protect you and Heaven accept you!  
There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary-Irish Saying  
MAR 19 - TUE 9:00 AM Storage Master Self Storage 3205 Dutton Avenue Santa Rosa 707-546-0000 *  
10:00 AM Larkfield Self Storage 5241 Old Redwood Hwy Santa Rosa  707-542-1522  
11:15 AM AA Storage 830 Waugh Lane Ukiah  707-462-6458   
11:30 AM Ukiah Self Storage 2301 S State Street Ukiah  707-468-0800 $  
2:00 PM Clearlake Self Storage 6925 Old Hwy 53 Clearlake 707-994-4917 $  
3:00 PM Spruce Grove Mini Storage 11360 Spruce Grove Rd Lower Lake 707-994-9900 $  
4:00 PM Vintage Court Mini Storage 18100 Vintage Court Middletown 707-987-0103 $  
May you live to be 100 years, with one extra year to repent-Irish Saying  
Every man is sociable until a cow invades his garden-Irish Saying  
MAR 20 - WED 9:00 AM Crockers Lockers of Gilroy 7151 Crocker Lane Gilroy 408-842-0464  
10:00 AM Azzie's Storage 34 Roache Road Freedom 831-722-3411  
11:00 AM Capitola Self Storage 809 Bay Avenue Capitola 831-465-0600 $  
12:00 PM The Storeroom Mini Storage 3203 Portola Drive Santa Cruz 831-476-4500  
12:15 PM Brommer Street Storage 1300 Brommer Street Santa Cruz 831-462-1883  
1:00 PM Town Center Storage 276 Mt Hermon Road Scotts Valley 831-438-2400 $  
You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your father was-Irish Saying  
Do not resent growing old. Many are denied the privilege-Irish Saying  
MAR 26 - TUE 9:00 AM Pacific Storage 4201 W San Jose Ave Fresno 559-271-5470 $  
1:30 PM Guard Dog Self Storage 111 30th Street Bakersfield 661-327-5341 $  
The man who has luck in the morning has luck in the afternoon-Irish Saying  
May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past-Irish Saying  
MAR 28 - THUR 9:00 AM Yreka Self Storage 1380 CA 263 Yreka 530-842-5277 $  
11:30 AM North Court Storage 1075 North Court Street Redding 530-242-0882 $  
12:30 PM Placer Self Storage 9488 Placer Road Redding 530-246-1412 $  
1:30 PM East Side Road Self Storage 2410 Progress Drive Redding 530-243-2205  
2:45 PM Redding Airport Self Storage 5525 Airport Road Redding 530-215-1645  
  3:45 PM Budget Mini Storage 6220 Parallel Road Anderson 530-365-6666 $  
4:30 PM B&T Whitehouse Storage 7258 Whitehouse Drive Anderson 530-242-1818 $  
5:30 PM Antelope Self Storage 675 Antelope Boulevard Red Bluff 530-527-9747  
Easter is the only time when it's perfectly safe to put all your eggs in one basket-Evan Esar  
He is risen-Matthew 28:6  
MAR 31 - SUN Happy Easter  
It is finished-John 19:30  
The entire plan for the future has its key in the resurrection-Billy Graham  

Southern California Auctions

Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life-SD Gordon  
Easter is very important to me. It's a second chance-Reba McEntire  
MAR 7 - THUR 10:00 AM Abandonment Auction 1112 N Bradford Ave #320 Placentia 209-667-5797  
The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies-Kate McGahan  
Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and Hallelujah is our song-John Paul II  
MAR 12 - TUE 10:00 AM St. Augustine Self Storage 2597 Hamner Avenue Norco 951-736-8044  
12:00 PM Vail Ranch Self Storage 43980 Mahlon Vail Road Temecula 951-302-0204 $  
What butter and whiskey won't cure, there is no cure for-Irish Saying  
A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest-Irish Saying  
MAR 13 - WED 10:00 AM AV Self Storage 850 East Avenue P8 Palmdale 661-947-3694  
11:30 AM Private Mini Storage 20628 Santa Clara Street Canyon Country 661-252-1100   
1:00 PM EZ Access Self Storage 23715 Carl Court Newhall 661-255-2800  
It is often that a person's mouth broke his nose-Irish Saying  
There's no need to fear the wind if your haystacks are tied down-Irish Saying  
MAR 14 - THUR 10:00 AM StorCal Self Storage 2501 W Hillcrest Drive Thousand Oaks 805-499-7111  
11:30 AM StorCal Self Storage #2 21051 Oxnard Street Woodland Hills 818-703-0171  
11:35 AM StorCal Self Storage #3 6061 De Soto Avenue Woodland Hills 818-703-7768  
11:40 AM StorCal Self Storage #1 6411 De Soto Avenue Woodland Hills 818-340-4949  
11:45 AM Ace Storage Containers 21250 Nordhoff Street Chatsworth 818-620-1553  
11:50 AM StorCal Self Storage 20525 Nordhoff Street Chatsworth 818-341-4992  
11:55 AM StorCal Self Storage 15025 Oxnard Street Van Nuys 818-785-3259  
When the tongue slips, it speaks the truth-Irish Saying  
May you home always be too small to hold all your friends-Irish Saying  
MAR 15 - FRI 10:30 AM Extra Storage Chula Vista  1483 Broadway Chula Vista 619-427-2122 $  
If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of-Bruce Lee  
Today a reader, tomorrow a leader-Margaret Fuller  
MAR 25 - MON 10:30 AM Storage US 16001 S Broadway St Gardena 310-516-8776 $  
May you be at the gates of heaven an hour before the devil knows you're dead-Irish Saying  
Forgetting a debt doesn't mean it's paid-Irish Saying  
MAR 26 - TUE 9:00 AM Pacific Storage 4201 W San Jose Ave Fresno 559-271-5470 $  
1:30 PM Guard Dog Self Storage 111 30th Street Bakersfield 661-327-5341 $  
The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity-Dorothy Parker  
Time flies when you are having fun-Albert Einstein  
Work hard, be yourself, and have fun-Michelle Kwan  
MAR 27 - WED 11:00 AM U-Store City 6142 Lindberg Blvd California City 760-373-7868 $  
12:30 PM C.O.S. Mini-Storage 20632 South Street Tehachapi 661-822-3053 $  
2:00 PM Lebec Storage 78 Landfill Road Lebec 661-248-1831 $  
Nothing will work unless you do-Maya Angelou  
Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself-George Bernard Shaw  
MAR 28 - THUR 10:00 AM Liberty Self Storage 1639 N Guam Street Ridgecrest 760-446-7159 $  
12:00 PM Kernville Mini Storage 12001 Sierra Way Kernville 760-376-4200 $  
Be spontaneous, be creative, go out and have fun, let things happen naturally-Conor McGregor  
Always have an attitude of gratitude-Sterling K Brown  
When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears-Tony Robbins