About - Storage Auction Experts

Storage Auction Experts... Our Name Says it All!

The name states our qualifications and our abilities! We have a team of top-notch auctioneers with experience ranging from lien sales to the real estate market. Our personnel have completed auction school requirements and are licensed/bonded with the state. Our professional demeanor brings numerous compliments from our buyers!

With our high energy performances, we consistently bring in record numbers of buyers for our clients, which of course, translate into top dollar earnings for you. Our auctioneers are experts! Additionally, the numerous websites we use to advertise has more “hits” than our competitors.

We provide auction service for over 350 auction sites in California. Over thirty-five years in business has generated a consistent buyer base, built on trust. Storage Auction Experts uphold the California statutes/laws continually in our practice. By providing the owner/manager with insurance policies including liability, E & O, and Data Breech your sites are well protected. As the law requires, our of all auctioneers and lock cutters are bonded.

What Can We Do For Your Business?

Buyers know when we conduct an auction we are representing the best interests of our client. At the completion of the auction, we assure the owner/manager that all monies received during the auction (we collect immediately), will be handled discreetly, without an audience, in your presence. Also, because we respect the privacy of the owner/manager, buyers are not allowed in the office area, before or after the auction, so you can conduct “business as usual”, without disturbance.

E-mail, Twitter, Facebook updates, phone calls and website information keep our buyers abreast of auction activities.

Besides conducting storage and eviction auctions, Storage Auction Experts offers lock cuts and inventories services.

The “little” things we do have consistently materialized into successful auctions which maximize the bottom line for your storage site.

As a result, Storage Auction Experts has grown tremendously in over thirty-five years! Your growth is important to you and to us. The exposure you receive from us will equate into success for you. Join our team of professionals and reap the benefits.

Feel free to references our owners, managers, assistant managers, and buyers, and find out why they love us so much!